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2011 Natural Hair Goals (EXTRA CREDIT!!!!)

Hi Guys!!!!

Well, I know I said that my next post would be NPPYHR101: Pt II (discussing how to handle discouragement throughout your natural hair journey), however, I felt the need to start out the year with some goals for my(and maybe yours if you like them enough!) natural hair. I had to go back in my mind to the point at which I decided to transition from relaxed to natural and focus on WHY I decided to do that.

Well then, I realized that my goals have changed quite a bit due to my lack in research at the time and what I know now about maintaining the healthiness of natural hair. When I first decided to go natural, I really just wanted to get away from the damaging effects of the relaxer. I no longer wanted to have thin, scraggly hair that wouldn't grow and that did nothing for my inner and outer beauty. I really didn't think about how I would style my natural hair, what sort of products I would use (organic, commercial, homemade, no-no ingredients, etc.), or what I would/wouldn't choose to do with my natural hair. All I knew is that I wanted to rid my hair of the relaxer. Period.

Now, here it is, 5+ months 100% natural, and I find myself and the goals that I have for my hair have expanded outside of the realm of just ridding myself of the relaxer. That part was easy for me. Now, since I've done that, I've researched natural hair enough and have learned my hair enough to also come to some other conclusions and goals for my hair (really just one big one that encompasses alot of smaller goals)

Work to improve all aspects of maintaining healthy hair.
There are some aspects of healthy hair that cannot be changed due to genetics. However, ALOT of maintaining/growing healthy hair can be up to the individual. You can work to improve the healthiness of your hair so that the only thing from keeping from growing to your feet is genetics. :-) I want my hair to be as healthy and as long as my genetics will allow, therefore, I plan on working to improve everything that I possibly can in order to do that. The areas of improvement that I will be looking at this year came from Kimmaytube's YT channel. I don't take everything she says for gold, however, she made a very influential video (in my opinion) about the things to take into consideration when maintaining/growing healthy hair. Most of the items discussed we already know about, but it's good for me to see them all in one place so that I can keep my focus. Click the link below the picture to view the full video:

The things listed in her video to concentrate on includes:
Internal Factors
  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Hormones
  • Genetics
External Factors
  • Scalp
  • Washing
  • Conditioning
  • Trimming
  • Protective Styling

Some things that I have chosen to focus on include:
Exercise, Nutrition, and ALL of the external factors. My reasons for exercise and nutrition span beyond that of natural hair (I want to lose 20+ pounds), however, it's always great to kill 2 birds with one stone.


I plan on exercising (running - this is the only way that I can force myself to work out) for a minimum of 180 minutes a week. I plan on running at a speed of at least 4mph. I also plan on doing strength workouts twice a week (after running). Hopefully, I can find a buddy to run with me. I used to do Zumba while I was in grad school, however that was with a fee-based gym, and I think I could exercise without having to pay. (my apartment has a small gym with a treadmill and I do some strength exercises at my house)


I plan on starting to use my weight watchers points/materials again. When I used this diet plan, I tended to be able to control my hunger, portions, and meal execution alot better. I think it's because I need to have a laid-out plan for myself in order for me to hold to it - a plan that is constantly "controlled" and never-changing. That gives me a sense of stability and confidence that I know how everything will go if I do this. It worked for the latter part of 2009-early part of 2010, and I lost 20+ pounds, however, I started to fall off around spring/summer time of 2010, due to lack of motivation. I'm ready to give it a go for a second time! :)

External Factors:

These are the things that are strictly for my hair. I have always taken good care of my hair since being
100% natural in terms of washing/conditioning, and paying attention to my scalp. However, I haven't trimmed my hair, and I'm not sure yet if I need to. I am going to research methods of figuring out whether or not I need to trim and, if I do, how to go about that. I'll make a post later on on this particular topic. I also plan to keep my hair in protective styles for at least 60% of the entire year.

My first Attempt @ Finger Coils =
 Didn't Like It - Too Scalpy

Second Set of Twists

My hair is a little over 3 inches, so I can now do protective styles like finger coils and two-stranded twists. I styled my hair twice in two-strand twists last year and they turned out well. I kept them in for a week and then took them out, washed, conditioned, and deep conditioned. I'm still also trying to figure out whether I NEED to deep condition. I've only deep conditioned about 3 times, and I'm trying to see if I see a difference when I do and when I don't. I'll keep you posted on that. I think I'm going to plan on sticking with the two-strand twists and try new styles in between. I'm going to also start to leave the twists in longer than a week and just wash the twists in between weeks. We'll see how that turns out.

Ok. I think I've written my fair share for today. Please tell me if you think I should shorten my posts, I know that they are a bit lengthy. Also, share your goals for this year for your hair. I'm interested to see what you plan on doing to care for your hair!

Stay Tuned!!!! :-)


  1. Good Morning Coya,

    My hair goals for 2011: protective styling ( 6 month challenge), steaming/deep conditioning at least once per month(steamer), deep conditioning at least 2 times a month, get professional trim Every 3 months and be more delicate with my fine strands.

    Weight Goals: Lose 25 pounds before March... with healthy eating and exercise.

    Check out www.myfitnesspal.com its a great tool for keeping on track.

  2. Hey Coya

    No your post arent too lengthy for me. It helps keep the reader on track of your mental progression on this natural journey. I posted my goals for 2011 on my blog.
    I just wanted to comment of your thoughts on trimming. This is something that has stumped me for a while, however I brought the topic up on NP because I was confused when or how to know when my hair needed trimming. Alot of those responded stated that if "even" hair is my goal its really is pointless since most natural hair styles doesnt call for even ends. So now, Im not so much focused on evenness as I am on keeping the ends damage and knot free.

  3. @Vetsnatural: Those sound like awesome goals for this year! Good luck and keep me posted! - I want to see how that steamer works for you! :)

    @Carmen's: Thanks for the feedback on the posts! :) I love to talk! About trimming, I care NOTHING about even ends,because regardless of how much I cut off, my hair will never be even lol (unless I'm bald). I will be trying to discover how to recognize damaged ends as my ends are bushy anyway. It's hard to recognize what's healthy and what's not.

  4. LOVING the goals and the blog. You know me, I don't think you should shorten the posts at all. (in fact I think I need to lengthen mine).
    MY Hair GOALS:
    1. continuing to keep a "mostly" positive outlooks on my locs
    2. Color my locs on the one year bday (May 30)
    3. Being mor patient with my hair, and understand that it is a journey.

    That is all I can think of right now, but I love you and your blog, and I am so proud of you!!!

  5. I think that as for trimming it is only necessary to ends that are splitting or bad or if you are doing it for a style or shape which would probably be more of a Hair Cut! I love my professional trim and my hair is about 10 inches or so. My tresses just react so much better when healthy.... all the way down to the Ends! I went a yr without trimming and when I went for one, my ends were not that bad but we trimmed a bit and I tell you "Viola" hair was banging and just doing what it do!

  6. Hey Coya! This is PaigeJ from Nappturality. Lovin your blog so far. My hair goal this year is just for it to be healthy and for me to stay on track with what I'm doing. I want to shock everybody at my family reunion (all the females are relaxed, tex-laxed, or use the hot comb) with hair that was just as long as it was when I cut it but have it WAY more fierce looking lol.

    I also have a goal to lose 20 lbs. I already eat healthy but I need to control my portions and exercise. I hate running (I admire you for running!!), I don't like gyms, and I lose motivation quick getting up early in the morning to do P90X so I'm going to have to think of SOMETHING lol. Maybe I'll take a weight loss dance class I don't know.

    Anyway I'll be looking forward to your next post :)


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