Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Mentally Prepare to Transition?

Another post I shared on Nappturality that I felt I needed to share with you guys!!!!

The answer below was my answer to the question: "How Does One Mentally Prepare to Transition???"

Fortunately for me, I did not have alot of negativity surrounding me when I decided to transition.
I was on my way out of college, ready to start a new life in a new place. My family was very supportive (even though there was no way they were going to do the same and that was clear, lol),

My job accepted it well (although I WAS nervous about that - I just recieved a couple of "?" stares which was fine with me as long as I didn't receive any negative comments),

My boyfriend accepted it better than I thought he was going to. He doesn't favor short hair, so that was more of a problem than the ditching the relaxers and going natural part. He eventually has gotten used to it.

Before I went natural, I never knew what the reactions were going to be from anyone. I kinda thought there would be mixed emotions from different people. However, I knew that regardless of what everybody else felt, noone would be able to deter me from my goal - being a fabulous natural and never touching a relaxer again.

I made sure to find a resource for support (Nappturality), and whenever I'm having a bad day with my hair, I need help/advice, I get frustrated, receive negativity (which I have yet to receive thank God), need to vent about ignorant remarks or negative social trends that I need to talk about that I feel the outside world would not understand, - I come here. Whatever you do in life, a support system is NECESSARY in order to fully succeed and still be mentally stable. You can NEVER achieve anything of value completely alone.

Once you have made that decision, and have that support system, and patience - cut that hair off and move forward. Don't let it hold you back. Cut it off before you have a chance to go back. You'll regret it later. Just make sure you have that support system....those telling you "You can DO IT! - If you just have patience and the will to learn"

Happy Growing!!!!

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  1. You are going some of the same remarks I made on my blog about going natural. Support is a key factor.


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