Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's Going On in My Life? - ****UPDATE****

Hey Everyone:
     I know I had told you guys in the earlier post that I would make a post explaining WHAT has been keeping me so busy in my everyday life. WELL, on Christmas Day of last year, my boyfriend of 4 years (we have a 4 yr old son...you do the math ;-D ) PROPOSED.....(finally...Thank Ya Jesus!)

 I was SO excited.....perhaps a little bit TOO excited. I created a website, told Facebook AND twitter (my tweets are protected and I have high security on my FB profile), told my family and friends, chose my bridal party, set a wedding date, set a budget, ALLLLLLL within a week of Christmas. Yeah, I know that was a little crazy but I was just wayyyyy too excited!!!!

By New Years, my boyfriend had made me promise not to discuss anything "marriage/wedding" until after New Years...that's how much I was talking about it. Anywho, I did take a break during New Year's, however, once I got back to reality, I jumped straight in. I am a VERY organized and am a "planning" type of person, so I like to know what's going on at ALL times. I also do NOT like feeling stressed about ANYTHING, so I like to start preparing early. BUT, I have not forgotten my hair in the midst of all of this wedding business, and have been wearing a twist-out from some twists that I had been wearing for a little over a week. I did these twists using Oyin's Whipped Pudding + Oyin's Shine & Define. I got good results. My twists stayed moisturized, however I can never figure out how to keep my hair from itching after a week. :-( More experimenting to come!

Two - Strand Twists on Damp Hair

Twist-Out from Week Old Two-Strand Twists Shown Above
I also had suddenly gotten the urge to start watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta due to some random episode watching (I do NOT like starting to watch series unless I have seen the ENTIRE season from start to finish). So I've been watching that - I've started Season 3, so I'm close to being caught up!!!

Hope everyone is having a blessed week and continue doing so! Stay Tuned!!!!


  1. Congrats Coya! You sound like my kinda girl...Im a big planner too. It can bite ya in the butt sometimes, but it keeps me focused. Your hair is coming along nicely. I been rockin the twistouts too.... Been falling in love with them more and more with every wear. Cant wait to hear more wedding details. Congrats again!!!!

  2. @Carmen: Thanks lady! I'm glad that we are on the same page with being focused! I am continuing to keep up with your blog as well and I love it! Keep it up!


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