Friday, April 15, 2011

Two-Strand Twistout Results!

Hey Yall!!!!

Well, 2 posts ago, (yeah I have to do better with my posting) I showed you guys pictures of my twists that I had done after my steamer nightmare (more of a dc+steamer nightmare, but anywhoo). Well....2 weeks later (now), I've decided to take them out. They've actually been out for about 2-3 days now and they look GREAT!!!! Here are some pics.

I'm beginning to realize that needs help (moisture) in order to lay right. I haven't quite mastered how to get twists to lay in the direction that I would like them to, however, a bit of water always get them to lay straight, or hang, instead of kind of all over the place.

If you've wondered what I used to make these twists, I only used 2 products:
1) Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles Styling Cream (obtained from the Hair & Body Boutique in Silver Springs, MD)
2) Simply Natural Organicals Herbal & Scalp Therapy(Baltimore Natural Hair Expo)

I will try and make sure I post reviews for these products, but just to let you know, I LOVED the Simply Natural Organicals Herbal & Scalp Therapy. It's basically a naturally-made grease that you can oil your scalp with. My head soaked it ALL up and instead of a greasy head of hair, I was left with nicely moisturized twists.
Brand New Twistout

Brand New Twistout

2-3 Day Old Twistout

2-3 Day Old Twistout
I basically sectioned my hair off, grabbed sections of hair, greased sectioned scalp, applied BB to the twist hair, twisted, until my entire head was twisted. I had about.....40 twists (ESTIMATE...might be totally off), however, next time I will try and do about......60...I want more in the back.

I also am thinking of trimming for the first time since my BC back in July '10. I was feeling my pieces of hair from my twistout and they felt smooth down the shaft up until the very ends......about 1/4 of an inch max. Not alot compared to the amount that I've grown since my BC!!!! I'm proud. Now, post-trim, I'll try and do a better job of protective styles, and deep conditioning. It's ALL about retention!!!!

Hmmm...this has me wanting to do a progress post! It will be my first one since BC! Stay posted!!!

Happy Growing!!!!

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