Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I ♥ Sushi

Hello Lovelies!
   Last Thursday, I had the chance to attend a cooking class at our local Wegman's. If you guys have never been to a Wegman's grocery store - I pity you. IT'S AWESOME. It like the Cartier of supermarkets. They have a FABULOUS fresh produce - you can find nearly everything, even those hard-to-find ingredients that you come across in recipes. They also have an awesome in-house butcher and delicious cuts of fresh meats. They have daily samples, a featured meal section - where they group the ingredients for a featured meal recipe together for easy gathering. I just can't go on enough about them.

And the best thing about it - I can literally WALK to their store. I recently re-located as a result of me and my fiancee' wanting to move to a more centralized, upscaled location. The apartment is very upscale (although we sacrificed a bit of a space), and the neighborhood is very friendly. It is located in the back section of a shopping complex with over 200 shops (YIPPEE!) and over 50 restaurants (YUMMY!). Needless to say, we are enjoying ourselves.
Ok, re-focus! The class was a "How-To" course on how to make....*drumroll* SUSHI! If you learn anything about me today, learn that one of the true ways to my heart is sushi. I first tried it in college and have loved it ever since. When I was on Weight Watchers for the first time, me and my weight-loss gals would go out to eat sushi every so often to reward ourselves. Sushi is so light and tasty and the best thing about it is that it's (usually) good for you! It also comes in tons of different varieties - including raw/cooked fish, raw/cooked vegetables, cream cheese (my favorite!), different seeds/nuts for texture, and let's not forget the sauces!!!

Wegmans had actually first advertised this class about 6 months ago, but I couldn't attend because I didn't know you had to sign-up prior, so I never did. Therefore, when I showed up for the class, I couldn't attend because all the slots had been filled. So, yes, I had been long awaiting the return of this class. The setup for the class was nice! It was designed for about 25 eople, about 4 at each table. This made for good conversation and enough room to work with. We learned how to make two-types of sushi: a California Roll (Avocado, Crab Stick, and Cucumber) and a Vegetable roll (california roll - crab). Honestly, once you've learned to make one type, making different kinds is easy - unless you're making a type with a different form).

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures, because I didn't really think about putting this on my blog, but I decided it would help my followers get to know more about me :) Here are the few pictures I have:
Our Sushi Kit - There was also a sushi mat to form the roll, nori (seaweed) to put the rice on top of, sesame seeds for the outside of the rice, and oil to help with manipulating the rice.

Here, I had applied the rice to the nori - the instructor mentioned that the key to a fully formed roll is to completely cover the nori with the rice.

California Roll
Yeah, no pictures for the rolling, but here is the finished product - pretty good!

Vegetable Roll

The store also let the students try samples of new teas, tea lattes, seaweed salad, and seafood delight. All was yummy!

Until next time, lovelies!

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