Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Featured on For the Fabulous and Frugal (College Curlies) !!!!

Hey lovelies!
I am so excited about being featured on one of my first love blogs, For the Fabulous and Frugal (formally know as College Curlies)!!!! I love that the focus of her blog is to have fabulous hair (and clothes), but not handing over a kidney in order to do so. For many of us naturals (especially for me because I am still in the PJ stage), we spend ALOT of money on natural hair products. Yeah, it may eventually trail off once we decided to leave our purchasing habits behind, but for now, I need help.
That's where Jamila comes in. She reviews tons of products, and also gives you her opinion on the price. She also loves to thrift which I may get into in the near future. I'm sick and tired of spending all of my money on clothes and hair. I want to be Fabulous and Frugal!!!! :-D Be sure to mosey around her blog....... once you are done reading my feature!!! (LOL!)
Tell us about your hair journey! Why did you go natural?
I went natural as a result of hair that never flourished. I grew up in a household where relaxers were a must every 4 weeks (5 was a stretch). I would get SO irritated when I felt "naps", and because my hair would get harder to comb when it came time for me to do my hair. I flat-ironed my hair every morning, due to not knowing much about wrapping, protective styling, etc. I did not know that my hair was suffering so much as a result of that. I just kept chopping my hair off every 1-2 years and starting over. During graduate schools, one of my best friends was natural. It made me did she get her hair like that? Did you tease it? (I was VERY ignorant about natural hair). Eventually, I began to ask questions, and she told me EVERYTHING (albeit, alot of it WASN'T correct now that I look back on it, but it broke the mold of thinking for me). Shortly after, I watched Good Hair....was totally disgusted with myself for being so darn ignorant, and immediately began to transition. My hair has flourished since then, and I could never seriously think of going back. If I want straight hair, I'll flat-iron my own.

What do you wish you knew before you went natural?
I wish that I had researched alot more about regimens, deep conditioning, TRIMMING (this one has held me back alot), and differences in individuals and their hair. I had to learn alot of that through error. I would say "trial" and error, but in the beginning, I was just doing what everyone else was doing and getting frustrated when I still ended up with dry, tangled, hair.

What's your regimen?
I don't really have a SOLID regimen right now, because I am still experimenting to see what works for my hair best. But today I am going to wash my hair with Eden Body Works Shampoo (awesome tingly feeling, great suds), condition with their conditioner, and deep condition with a mix of olive oil, Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Repair Cream (been using this stuff since Day 1), and Shea Moisture Purification Masque (*swoon*). Afterwards, I will let my hair dry until slightly damp, and take a nap at a flat-twist updo. My strands are thick, so my hair does not hold flattwists very well, but I think with a good technique, it will be a success.

Favorite products?
For the upcoming winter, Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Repair Cream (not all natural, but it works for me), castor oil, and Oyin's burnt sugar pomade.

Words of wisdom for other curlies...
It's not all about a "hair-type". There is much more that goes into a successful regimen than curl pattern and a corresponding photo. You have to take into consideration more internal hair factors, such as hair porosity (how easily water absorbs into the strands), strand thickness(how thick each individual strand is), hair density (how many strands per square cm/in/etc.), AND curl pattern (kinkier hair tends to loose moisture more easily). It's a little bit more scientific than just a head of hair that looks like yours. Find those attributes about your hair and then use products that work with those characteristics. It will make you AND your hair happier :D
*Does the Hammer Dance* Yes!!!!

Later Lovelies!!!

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