Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Day Blogging Challenge! - Day 14

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Day 14 Assignment: Share a picture of you and your family.

Ok, this is sad, but I don't have a digital picture of me and my family all in one photo! I haven't lived at home since 2005, and I didn't get a digital camera until I was senior in college so......LOL! Anywhoo, here are the photos seperately. Both of my parents have been married for 24 years (my mom was pregnant with me when they were married), and I have two sisters, one younger and one older. Yes, I'm the middle child. -_-

My parents recently came to visit me for Memorial Day Weekend! That's my son on top of my dad.
This is, clearly, a VERY old picture (relaxed hair). My older sister and I rarely get to see each other due to her job. :-( I'll see her in my wedding in April. She betta show up! - She's a bridesmaid. I will DEFINITELY be able to post an updated pic after that.
This is my son along with my younger sister and her son. Booyyyyy do I love me some 'Peanut' (that's his nickname). He loves Spiderman and he has the most infectious smile (as you can see). She also has a younger son that was born in September. He is a doll as well! :-)
I also am engaged to my best friend, college sweetheart, "baby daddyyyy", soul mate...whatever term you'd like that would fit into FIYONCE'! (lol!) He and I (really just me lol) birthed a son in November of 2006 and we have been together for 5 1/2 years. It was time. LOL! Our son is about to turn 5. :-) I love my family and they are the cornerstone of my success. They have always shown love and support and I'm grateful for that.

My MENFOLK! I love them both very much.
This Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks for many things, but most of all, my family.

See you tomorrow, Lovelies!

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