Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Day Blogging Challenge! - Day 15

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Day 15 Assignment: Put you ipod on shuffle. List the first 10 songs that play.

This month has been a tad bit crazy. So I'm glad that I have been doing well posting. I have lots of hair-related posts that I want to discuss. Just have to find the time to post them!!!! Hopefully soon!

-----Now back to the Challenge---------

****Note: My fiancee' bought this (I have a Zune, not an Ipod) for me, and when he gave it to me, he had already uploaded songs (some of which are his), so this list doesn't necessarily personalize me, but more of a mix of me and my husband. Just a bit to consider.... :-)

Song #1: Chrisette Michelle - Porcelain Doll (Me)
Song #2: T.L.C. - Red Light Special (Both)
Song #3: Mariah Carey - You're So Cold (Both)
Song #4: T.I. - Slide Show (Both - But more of him, he introduced me to T.I.)
Song #5: Monica - Hurts the Most (Both)
Song #6: Ne-Yo - Bust it Baby (LOL - Both)
Song #7: Boyz II Men - It's So Hard to Say Goodbye (both)
Song #8: Mariah Carey - Can't Let Go (Both)
Song #9: Alicia Keys - Waiting For Your Love (Both)
Song #10: N'Sync - Sundreams (Me)

So, the majority of songs that played were actually pretty much all of stuff that I like to listen to. However, I have Bun B., New Edition, Plies are also on my Zune, none of whom I listen to. I listen to a variety of genre's including pop, r&b, country (I love Shania Twain and Faith Hill), etc.


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