Saturday, November 26, 2011

30-Day Blogging Challenge! - Day 24 (Part II)

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Day 24 Assignment: Write a letter to your parents.

Dear Daddy,
     Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. LOL! We have had an interesting relationship throughout my life. It's funny because we are VERY different, yet SO MUCH alike. When I was younger, you gave me life. You spoiled me to no end by working yourself to death in order to get me and my sisters every. single. thing that we could ever want. I remember that Christmas when we got our first Playstation. Along with Final Fantasy VII. Man, that was the best gift ever. Me and my sisters will never know what you guys went through in order to supply us with the best Christmas's ever. But I am thankful to God that I had parents (and especially a Dad - many aren't as fortunate) who cared about our wants, and not just our needs.

Daddy, I might have voiced how upset I was at one point in time that we didn't get as much personal time as we would have liked. But now, since I've had Xavier, I understand the hardships that come along with time/money and deciding which one they NEED more. I know that you would have LOVED to be at all of my concerts and competitions, etc., BUT, if you didn't work that extra 5 hours at work, that I might not been able to participate in alot of those things, or we might not have got all those AMAZING Christmas's. I am

Children are such a hard...hard...task in life. You want to understand and appreciate your love, your effort, your pain and hardships, but the truth is....children are VERY impatient and very selfish (especially those who haven't had to work hard or had any experiences in which they have had to grow up fast). And even in teenage years and young adulthood, children can be very.....hard on parents. But just know, that in due time, they will understand and appreciate it all. If anyone knows, I know now (Xavier has taught me that).

You are THE Dad. I have seen none more dedicated to taking care of their family in the midst of the need to take care of themselves. You will kill yourself, before your family sees pain and hardships. You try so very hard to take on the heavy burden, so that the family will not have to. So admirable.

But you know what, this is your season, and AMAZING things are in store for you. Before the year is over, you will know, that a change is coming. I am soooo happy for the future that God has laid out before you and my mother (as well as both of my sisters). The time has come for you to rest. And God says very will rest. Thank you. So much.

I love you.

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