Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30-Day Blogging Challenge! - Day 3

So, yeahh.....this was definitely supposed to come BEFORE day 4, but as I was messing around with the timing of the post, I accidently scheduled Day 4 before scheduling Day 3, then I went out of town (clearly I'm supposed to be on like...Day 7 or something). A mess, basically. Great way to start, Coya. Anywhoo, hopefully since I am back for a while, I will finish this thing with style! Read on for more about me!!!

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For Day 4, click here. (lol - wait a minute....)

Day 3 Assignment: Share a picture of you and your friends.
My dear, dear friends. Fortunately, God has blessed me with many, many friends. Some have been temporary and some have been more permanent. Nevertheless, I have/have had many friends. Here are some of my closest friends that have stuck around for the long run and that I talk to very often.

My Maid of Honor! :-) We are Line Sisters in our line of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.! (OOOO-OOP!)
Me and one of my bridesmaid in N.Y.! - It's crazy to say that we have known each other for over 3 YEARS! Time flies! We met in graduate school and have already been through SO much together! *tear*

Me and My Bridesmaids #2 heading out (somewhere) - Clearly this is old....She lives in a different state now :-( If you've seen my other posts, she was my main influence in deciding to transition to natural! click here to read about it!

 One of my friends who lives here in Northern VA with me. I actually met her through one of my graduate school classmates, her then b/f, now fiancee (whoop whoop!) We've had our ups and downs to but what makes great friends is the ability to overcome them and still have respect and love for one another.
So, I've shared my closest friends with you! As you can see, I don't have a LONGGGG list of friends, just because I don't take the word "friend" lightly. I mean, I guess I have tons of "friends", but here, I chose to share with you my closest friends because they are the TRUE, deeper meaning of the word for me.

How many people do you know that you can truly call friends?

Hope you are enjoying! Stay tuned for more 30 Days of Me!

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