Friday, November 4, 2011

30-Day Blogging Challenge! - Day 4

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Day 4 Assignment: Share a habit you wish you didn't have.

This one is easy, too.
I mentioned in another one of the "30 Days of Me" posts that I have a habit of biting my nails. The habit developed as a young child who was not very active and favorite pasttimes include that of watching at least 4-5 hours of television/day, reading books, and surfing the internet. These activities tended to cause me to go into an idle state of mind where I was not conscious of what I was really doing. This in combination of having hangnails (who didn't?), led to biting my nails. I would set out with a goal of removing the hangnail (or whatever deformity it was that lingered on my nails), and 2-3 hours later, my entire nail would be....nonexistent.

The habit faded once I entered college and found more 'interesting' things to do with my time (LOL!). I began to hang with friends, talk, laugh, and interact more, in general. I didn't have many times where I would be sitting in my room, bored, with nothing to do. And on top of that, when I became pregnant with my son, Xavier, my nails flourished.

Upon exiting college, I began to work. At a computer screen for the majority of the day. Reading documents. And began to watch television. (I had no cable throughout the entirety of my undergraduate years). The habit has re-surfaced. Fortunately, it is not as bad as it used to be. Now I only bite around the cuticle, instead of biting my entire nail off. (exaggeration, but you get the point). Here's some interested info on the habit itself:

"Biting nails can lead to broken skin on the cuticle. When cuticles are improperly removed, they are susceptible to microbial and viral infections such as paronychia. Saliva may then redden and infect the skin. Nail biting is also related to dental problems, such as gingival injury and malocclusion of the anterior teeth. It can also transfer pinworms or bacteria buried under the surface of the nail from the anus region to the mouth. When the bitten-off nails are swallowed stomach problems can develop. Medical literature reports cases of fingernails being severely deformed after years of nail biting."
Really opened my eyes to the dangerous side-effects of this horrible habit. I have Orly's "No Bite", which is a nail-bite deterrant that I purchased from Ulta and hopefully, this will help with my habit.

Stay tuned for the rest!

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