Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30-Day Blogging Challenge! - Day 6

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Day 6 Assignment: List your favorite superhero and why.

Hmmmm....never thought about this one.

So I'm not really into comic books, so I had to do a little research on this one. I took to Wiki to pull a list of female superhero's and I was running through (pretty fast) until I caught this name: Lara Croft (Tombraider). WHHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????? This woman is considered a superhero. Well DANG. DERR IT IS!!!! lol

Yall. When me and my 2 sisters (no brothers) opened one of our joint christmas presents (yeah, we had 'joint' ones) to discover a playstation (not 2 or 3...the original), you could have put a gun to our head and told us to hand it over and we would. not. have. flinched. Negro, please, you besta get BACK! We were all obsessed with games like pacman, tetris, classic Nintendo-Playstation converted games, Final Fantasies, etc. However, with our playstation came a demo cd. Yall know, the ones with a shortened version of the full game.

Well, eventually we came around to this demo while playing. On the game, you have the option of playing in story mode (the actual game), or just playing around in her house (which is HUGE - full with obstacle course, bikes to ride, butlers to push over and hear fart - EW!)

Well, when I tell you this woman is the bombDOTcom....I ain't lying. She's georgeous, fit, tom-boyish, kick-a$$, and can beat ANYBODY's booty. She does flips, run-and-jumps, dives - all while carrying her gun of choice (my fav was the Uzi's). Her voice had a slight English accent and the levels were all diverse, fun, and challenging. Honestly, up to a certain point, me and my sisters had collected ALL of her games.

Wait....WHAT?! A movie?!?!?! --_-- Who's playing her?! ------- You. Have. Got. To. Be. Joking. If I could pick anyone in the entire world to play my all-time favorite whoop-a$$ video-game female...it would just have to be my all-time favorite whoop-a$$ female actress!

Angelina Jolie. I promise, when God birthed Angelina Jolie to her parents, she was destined to play Lara Croft. Just watch and you'll see. Angelina Jolie has GOT to be my favorite actress of all time. She NEVER fails to deliver a bad movie, she only goes for worthy scripts, and yes...there's always action.

C'mon. Anyone who can beat a T-Rex with unlimited ammo and can do about 1000 flips all over the place in order to defend herself.....uhhh...yeah.

Stay tuned!!!!

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