Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hair Update - Future Style Inspired by YouTuber Sharterrka03

Hey Lovelies,
    Hair Day should have been today, but I just did NOT feel like it. I have no choice but to do it tomorrow....for some reason, I haven't been feeling like playing with this hair lately. BUT, I can't just abuse my baby like that. I'm thinking of doing something really simple. I was browsing my subscriptions in YouTube for some inspiration and stumbled across this tutorial:

Source: Sharterrka03's YouTube Channel
Now, in the past, I have avoided wearing my hair out, because it ends up quickly getting tangled, knotted, and just down right ignant. But this video.....gave me some inspiration. I haven't left my hair out much in the past 6 months and it has gotten longer. And unlike most of the people that I've come across....my hair is getting easily to manage as it's gotten longer.

 I can grasp it a bit easier and stretch it in order to effectively detangle as it's gotten longer. When it was short, I had a hard time seeing the ends, grasping the ends so that I could detangle from the ends up, and just stretching it and being able to work with it. Maybe it's experience rather than length that is at the root of the issue, but either way, I'm ready to try out styles again. Maybe the upcoming winter season isn't the best time to try and do this, but I'm inspired right now...so we'll see.

I'll post my wash day details when I complete it and show you guys the results!!! Stay tuned, lovelies!

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