Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award!!!


I'm here to bring exciting news!!! I am honored to have had the "Kreativ Blogger Award" bestooowed upon me by fellow blogger (one of my favs!), Kiki of "Rockin It Napptural!" What I like most about Kiki's blog is that she has a connection with her viewers (one of the qualities that I aspire to have with my viewers). She lets us into personal events in her life as well as letting us follow along with her own natural hair journey.

*whispers* and guess what? She has THE MOST awesome....giveaways!!!! I have to be honest you guys, there is nothing...absolutely NOTHING that draws me more to a blog than FREE STUFF! (lol, I'm IGNANT!). I actually have one a prize recently from her blog (some gently used PuraBody Naturals Mango Tea Scalp Butter). I will be doing a product review on it once I have used it at least two times in the same way. Thanks, Kiki!!! Be sure to check out her blog!
Anywhoo, to formally accept this away, I must do the following:
- Complete the 7 statements below
- Share 7 random facts about me (didn't I do this yesterday! LOL)
- Pass this award along to 10 other bloggers (with links to their blogs)
- Link back to the awardee (which I did above)

7 Statements:
Favorite Song: O.M.G. So many songs that I LOVE! I guess I will choose something recent. It will have to be a song from Beyonce's latest album. 'Let's Start Over'. The song is gritty, full of desperation, and passionate. The words are sung as if they are truly pleading with her partner saying, "This has turned into a big mess....we need to start over because I'm not letting you go". B is the truth. Next.

Favorite Dessert: There's something about Red Lobsters Chocolate Wave that is just.....sinful. I feel like I have committee a heinous crime when I eat it. It's warm, moist, chocolately....*sigh* Next.

Something that pisses me off: I hate it when folk make the conversation all about THEM. Ugh. Works a nerve on me. Do you hear yourself? It is not This is a two-person conversation. Can I get a word in, please. Next.

When I'm upset: I feel like crying (sometimes I actually do). I know I'm not the only one. It's weird. If there are witnesses, they begin to feel bad, but it's not that I'm sad...I'm just very, very, angry! lol Don't know what else to say. Next.

My Favorite Pet: I want a Pug. A couple of years back, I went to Atlanta with a friend, and went into a Petco. There was a female Pug there and the associate allowed me to go into a playarea and play with her. Unexpected, she was so upbeat and playful and it took me off guard. I didn't know Pugs were so playful. I was so smitten with her, if she hadn't have been $2,000 (O_o), I would have taken her home with me and suffered the consequences from my then, b/f, now fiancee. I have wanted one ever since. We are waiting to purchase a house before we get any pets (next year, whoooo). Next.

Black or White: Black. Doesn't get visibly stained as easily, and it's more versatile, in my opinion. Next.

My Biggest Fear: Daddy/Granddaddy Long-Leg Spiders. I cringe just thinking about them. (YES! I know they can't bite, but still!) It's extreme. I will DIE if I ever find one on me, near me, looking at me!!!! NEXT!

My Best Feature: Physically - My smile. It's very personable (IMO). Mentally - I'm a very open-minded person, which I think makes me a very personable person....teehee. Next.

My Everday Attitude: I'll sleep when I die. (Not the healthiest attitude, but...hey). Next.

Perfection is: A combination of doing what you enjoy, doing what you're good at, and doing it to the best of your ability. Next.

Guilty Pleasure: Buying natural hair products when I know my cabinets are full. The shame.....and I'm done.

7 Random Facts About Me
1. If I had not chosen engineering as a career, I would have chosen psychology(I love dissecting the human mind), elementary education(I would love to know that I helped positively influence someone at a young age), or business/marketing (to fuel my events planning aspiration).
2. I enjoy cooking. I'm a recipe girl at heart. Don't really like making things from 'scratch'. No way to troubleshoot what happened if something goes wrong.
3. I addicted to all things Twilight. (Team Edward!!!)
4. My current favorite t.v. shows are America's Next Top Model and X-Factor)
5. I have read the entire Harry Potter Series (pre-ordered them before they came out, actually)
6. My dad is the pastor of a missionary baptist church in Alabama. :-O
7. I am a stay-at-home mom at heart. I love scrapbooking, decorating, cooking, and crafting.

I am passing this award along to the following bloggers. Check them out. You won't be sorry!
1. 4C Natural Hair (I love her hairstyles!)
2. Laquita of "All Naptural"
3. Jocelyn of "CurlyNuGrowth" (Loc Rocker!)
4. Art of "NaturalNounou" (She has an awesome boutique that sells Curls, Darcy's Botanicals, MyHoneyChild and More!"
5. Demetra of "Curly and Young"
6. GG of "FroStoppa" (One of my natural hair idols!!!)
7. Brittney of "Loc'd and Happy" (One of my friends from college!)
8. "JazzWife" of "Slimwavy" (Her/I hairtypes are in no way similar...but I love to read her stories!)
9. "Alex" of "The Good Hair Blog" (Beautiful person/ beautiful blog)
10. Kayla of "What the Kink!?" (A fellow Tuskegee University Alumni!!!)
Thanks again, Kiki!!!!!! Congrats to the new honorees!!!!

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  1. Hay, thank you girl. I saw you on kinky curly coily me and remembered your name. I want to try the 30 day challenge because I am going to put my hair up in kinky twists next week. So how do I find out about what to do each day?


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