Monday, November 28, 2011

MopTop Maven


So, as many of you know, alot of ISH went down concerning this very well-known blogger/vlogger/store-owner late last year/early this year. I'm not 100% sure of the details, however, it is suspected (by many), denied (by some), that the face behind the screen was involved in scamming customers out of monies paid to her for products sold by her jewelry company and suspected natural hair product company.

Now, I was JUST getting into the natural hair forums/blog scene around this time, so I am limited on what happened, who did what, exactly what went down. Perhaps it's for the best for me not to know. However, I was on YouTube yesterday, looking for videos describing 4b styles. Appropriately, some of MopTopMaven's videos popped up. They intrigued me so (she is beautiful and so is her hair!!!!), that I went to her channel and scanned every. single. posted. video. that she had.

Shortly after, I decided to view her blog. What's the word I'm looking for.....addicted? LOL! Her YTube channel did her blog NO justice, at all. I went back to her very first post, and went all the way to the end (I'm in the middle as I'm posting this). I have not went far enough to view the ensuing drama, but her blog...her blog...her's amazing. It's actually one of my favorite blogs so far, amongst BGLH, Curly Nikki, and others.

Moptop's blog is laden with quality photos and descriptions of glorious outfits with crazy style (and also a Vintage Nut!!! - which I love!), awesome hair information and techniques (with videos to go with), inspirational and creative DIY projects with the punch to get your juices flowing and encouraging result photos (some projects are just awe-inspiring), decadent meal recipes, and the list goes on. And what I found to be the most alluring? The aura of being human. Her descriptions of the struggles that she has had with her natural hair texture, bad hair days, feelings of lost motivation, etc. along with inspirational quotes, posts with encouraging words of inspiration and self-worth,.....the blog is almost.....nahhh....I won't say it. LOL!

Whatever happened with who debacle between her and her is TRULY unfortunate. I will be so hurt once I reach the end of her posts. So much creativity. So much inspiration. So much natural hair (lol). So much....potential. To be something much greater. It is truly unfortunate.

Only God knows the truth. But I only have one request of Him in regards to this blog. I would like for Him to lead me to a replacement. LOL! Yall, I am subscribed to over 100 natural hair blogs, and this one has been my favorite. Whyyyyyyy?!?!?! This is such a FAIL!

Luckily, I am a very FERVENT reader of a blog that reminds me of hers (or it could be vice versa, not sure):

MeechyMonroe's blog is also comprised of quality photos of her day-to-day experiences. She lets us into her personal life with her, her sisters (MsVaugh, Kay, and Alex) and the rest of her family. She also participates in lots of events geared toward beauty and natural hair. I love attending events, however, many are not held nearby, so I love it when bloggers post event photos and described what went on.
So for now, I will be awaiting dear Meechy to post again!!!! Check her out, you won't be disappointed!!!

What blogs can you NOT go a day without reading? Share!


  1. I agree 100%! Her blog was awesome!!! I heard that after all the drama she has started an invitation only blog...I am thinking of sending a message on FB to humbly 'beg' for an invite!!!! Lol!

  2. you're sad!! she scams a whole bunch of people,and you still follow her? I guess she done hooked y'all with all those flashy pics big hair and shit!! Shows most are begging to be a victim!!!


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