Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Latest Giveaway Winnings!!!!

Hey Lovelies,
     In case you guys didn't know, I'm a giveaway addict. PJ+Possible Free Items???? It's a match made in heaven. Anywhoo, I've enter a many a giveaway these past two months and luckily, I've been a winner in two of them. The details are below.

Giveaway #1 was hosted by Shawny of 'A Happy Nappy Affair' and was sponsored by Pura Body Naturals and Da Goddess Boutique. There were two winners for this giveaway. One winner would win samples of Sapote Lotion, Cupuacu Butter and Murmuru Moisture Milk. Another winner would win two pair of earrings from Da Goddess Boutique.

I won the earrings from Da Goddess Boutique. Now, I've had some pretty bad experiences from giveaways. Not receiving a reply from the sponsor, receiving a reply but still no products, receiving products months afterward, and so on. But Da Goddess Boutique truly delivered. I emailed them my mailing information, and within a week I had my package of goodies!!!!!

They attached a nice note.....PLUS an additional gift! Thanks so muchhhhh!!!!
They were all in VERY cutesy packaging!
Gifts were wrapped with cutesy stationary paper.

My THREE Gifts + a Christian booklet (how nice!) and a business card - Very Professional!
A closeup of the prizes - Very Cute!
 I will post photos of me rocking these earrings very soon! Thanks again to Shawny of A Happy Nappy Affair and to Da Goddess Boutique for sponsoring such a lovely giveaway.

Giveaway #2 was hosted by Jocelyn of CurlyNuGrowth and sponsored by the lovely folks at Kynx Haircare. The prize consisted of a free sample of their Monoi de Tahiti oil. From the closing of the giveaway to receival of product was almost 2 weeks. While it wasn't the best I've seen in response/delivery time (for a giveaway), it definitely wasn't the worst. I was excited to open my package and receive my samples!!!!

My sample of Monoi de Tahiti oil along with a company advertisement and info flyer.
The opposite side of the advertisement
Via the Kynx Haircare Website, this product should be used either as a hot oil treatment or a scalp dressing. I will be using it as a hot oil treatment and will post a review afterwards. Stay tuned!!! Thanks much again to Jocelyn of CurlyNuGrowth for hosting and to Kynx Haircare for sponsoring the giveaway!

All in all, don't sleep on the giveaways yall! I enter at LEAST 3 per month (I follow ALOT of blogs), and I win at least one of them. Of course, it all depends on how popular the blog is, and how many people enter. But I just enter them all, because I like free stuff!!!!! *kanyeshrug*

Love ya!

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