Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Goals & Aspirations

Hey Ya'll. I hope that you all have been having a blast this holiday season! I have definitely been blessed to spend time with loved ones, comfort many, and bless others. I am so grateful! Now the time has come for me to decide on what my plan is for 2012. It's definitely time to leave some stuff behind and pick up more as I move into this new year. I already know that 2012 will be crazy to say the least: I'm getting married, me and my soon-to-be hubby are looking into purchasing our first home, and our 5 yr. old son will be starting kindergarten (NOOOOOO!). But even aside from all that, I have more ventures planned! Check out my goals & aspirations for the next year below!

#1 - Lose Weight & Maintain
Lose 35 lbs and KEEP IT OFF - In November 2009, I started Weight Watchers with 2 of my girlfriends from my graduate school program. I weighed in at 174.5 lbs. My goal had been 135 (or a loss of approx. 40 lbs). In February 2010, I had made it to 153. Then I went to Baltimore for 2 days, Miami for 5 days, and the rest is history. SMH! In 2012, I am not joining Weight Watchers. I am going to seriously attempt to change my eating habits and integrate physical fitness back into my routine. I have already purchase Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred along with the recommended (2) 5-lb dumbells - from Walmart. I will make a seperate post discussing my proposed workout routine. I will also be integrating more lean meats (turkey, chicken) into my diet, more water, vitamins, and fresh vegetables. I got a food processor for Christmas and a brand new knife set, so I'm more than prepared for the kitchen. I will make posts about the different meals that I eat. Wish me luck!!!

#2 - Get Married with ounces of Sanity Remaining
The wedding planning business, yall? It's no joke. I mean, I love planning events such as this (check #3, below), but it's extremely hard when your budget is tight and everybody and their mama has their idea of what you SHOULD be doing. Wouldn't the world be a better place if the bride bride & groom could have anything she they wanted, and everybody would just nod their head, smile, and be happy? Noooo, you make a suggestion, and they just chime in - "That's not what.....", "No, that wouldn't be...", "I don't think..." Ahem....are you PAYING for anything? Didn't think so...THANKS. -_- Yall pray for me. I know that God will provide and everything will be just fine.

#3 - Obtain a DMV Business License & Wedding Consultant Certification
If you hadn't already discovered, I have decided to move into the social events planning arena. I am currently taking free online business classes at Business One Stop, and have also created a seperate blog in order to document my progress towards my lifelong dream. God revealed this as my purpose in life a few months back and has directed me to act upon it. So, I shall. In the beginning, I had doubts about how I was going to juggle this leap and my main job as an engineer. As I've continued along this journey, I've just given it all to God, and am trusting in Him to provide as long as I continue to move into His Will. I have had no instinct to do anything drastic with my main job, but will continue to trust in God and ask him to direct my path. Pray for me in this journey. If you would like to follow my progress towards my dream, follow my blog - Polished & Refined. I hope you enjoy!

#4 - Continue to Grow in God
Before 2011, all I ever did was ask God for this, and ask God for that. I did ask for a closer relationship with Him in years past, but I never asked Him to allow me to walkout the will that He had for my life. I was focused on my relationship with Him, but not focused on His will for my life. There's a difference. When I moved to VA, after finished graduate school, I joined a church that was recommended to me by a sorority sister of my mine. I fell in love with, and soonafter, joined it along with my fiancee' and our son. Shortly after joining, I began to ask God to show me His will for my life. And boy.....did He. Everything happened so's crazy to think that it was more than 6 months ago. And now that I have actually began to acknowledge and walk out His will for my life, the devil has definitely noticed and has been trying to attack me and my loved ones. But you know what? I'm just shaking him off. He has absolutely no power. 1 John 4:4 says, "Greater is He that is within you, than he that is in the world". That's all I need to hear. I will continue to grow in God and to usher my family into a closer relationship with Him, as well.

That's about it for me (in short terms) in 2012. I'm not trying to fit too much in there. I've done that too many times in the past, and have become overwhelmed and not followed through on many things. This time, I'm focusing on the above, and organizing them into steps that are practical, with God's help. I would love to hear your goals and aspirations for 2012. Feel free to leave a link to your blog post, or just share them in the comment section.

Continue to spend time and cherish your loved ones on into the New Year. I pray that you all stay stafe, blessed, and last but not least - nappylicious (lol - had to get that in!).


  1. Awesome goals! Girl, Jillian Michaels is NO JOKE you hear me. It took me almost a month to get off of level one! Congrats on pursuing your goals and dreams of your event planning business, I will definitely call you if ever I get engaged :) !

  2. @Kiki - What kind of other things were you doing while you were doing the Shred? Did you have an eating plan? I'm trying to get suggestions on what else to do while I'm working out. Thanks!

  3. Awesome. Congratulations on your wedding and new business venture! Your blog is awesome. Happy New Year!
    God bless you and your adventure with Jesus!

    Come over my blog and say hi!



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