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Our Very First........Natural Hair Inspiration! - Welcome Victoria!

I'm a Natural Black Girl: Introduce yourself!
Victoria: My name is Victoria. I've been married for one year. I recently moved from Atlanta to Miami after finishing college with a bachelor's degree in Marketing. I'm a freelance graphic and web designer.

IANBG: How long have you been natural? What were you signature transition styles?
V: I have been natural for about 6 years. I transitioned for about six months and then I just got impatient. My signature styles were braids, cornrow and braid-outs.

IANBG: Who/What inspired you to transition to natural hair?
V: Two sisters that I knew in college, one wore her hair in an afro style and the other wore dreads. I loved both of their hair and ultimately, they played a significant role in my transitioning to natural hair.

IANBG: How was your transition? Did you receive any negativity from your decision to transition to natural hair?
V: I wouldn't say that it was all negative, but there were people who were opposed to it. Many people begged me (yes, begged) not to cut my hair and one guy told me that he liked it but he preferred women with long hair. Actually, a couple of guys told me that.

IANBG: Describe your BC.
V: I went to Hair Cuttery wearing a hoodie. I brought the hoodie so that I could cover my hair on my way back to my dorm because I was sure I was going to look crazy. I had about 10 inches of relaxed hair. I sat in the chair and I told her to cut all of my hair off except for the two inches of new growth. She looked at my reflection in the mirror and she said, "All of it?" I said yes. She said, "Are you sure?" I said yes and just as she was about to cut it she stopped and asked again, "Are you sure?"  I laughed and shook my head. She was an Asian lady.

IANBG: Describe your natural hair in 5 words or less.
V: Beautiful, healthy, difficult, dense, and headache.

LOL @ headache!

IANBG: What is your regimen along with the products that you use?
V: I don't really have a regimen. My hair is hard to kill. That's a phrase I use to mean I don't have to do much to it or that I can do anything to it and it always bounces back. Heat, color, ect. doesn't have much of a damaging effect on my hair. I pretty much only use the Cantu Leave in Conditioning cream and olive oil with tea tree oil mixture because I tend to have very dry scalp.

IANBG: What are 5 products/tools that you cannot live without?
V: My large wide tooth comb, my rat tail comb, my goodies brush (and it has to be goodies), Cantu conditioning cream, and bobby pins.

IANBG: What have you learned thus far in your natural hair journey?
V: I've learned that it's not about what's better or worst but just about personal preference. Natural hair should be something that is just accepted as the norm instead of this whole 'oh wow, movement, fad, journey'.

IANBG: Who are your natural hair inspirations?
V: One of my biggest natural hair inspirations is my former roommate, Chrissie. She's the one that taught me that it's not about some bigger than life journey. It's just about a personal preference. I've seen her go natural to relaxed and back natural at least 3 times.

(For some, it is a personal preference, and for some others it's much more than that! But it truly depends on the person and their personal choices and the reasons behind it. Diversity is a beautiful thing!)

IANBG: Any words of advice for those transitioning or new to the natural hair community?
V:  Make sure the journey is all about you. Relaxed or natural be comfortable being who you are. I wasn't comfortable being me when I had a relaxer. I feel so liberated with my natural hair. Even though others have told me they prefer me with my relaxed hair. I had a friend whom I've known since high school, he looked at me with my natural hair and he said so this is who you are. It made me feel really good.

IANBG: How can we contact you? (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
V: I am a contributor/author at http://naturallaglam/blog "We are beauty and fashion from a natural hair perspective."
Follow us on twitter @natural la glam and find us on facebook at
I also have a personal blog @

Big thanks to Victoria for sharing her wonderful story with us!!! If you are interested in being featured, click here and submit your story today!


  1. Loved this post and reading about her journey. Thanks for sharing! Victoria, your hair is beautiful and I am so jealous of your hard to kill hair! LOL. First time I've heard that phrase. All I have to do is look at my hair in the mirror and it goes crazy.

  2. @Petula - "All I have to do is look at my hair in the mirror and it goes crazy."

    I know, right! LOL!

  3. Thank you for featuring me, Lacoya. It's my first feature ever! I'm excited. I definitely have to share.


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