Friday, December 2, 2011

Pond's Flawless White Advertisement.....FAIL!

Saw this video posted on For the Fabulous & Frugal

Ok......Are you freaking kidding me???? :-O @ the freeze photo comparison at the end, reinforcing the true "moral" of this advertisement. I'm seriously starting to believe the notion that some companies make ad's like this not because they actually believe ish like this is o.k., but because they know it's not, and will cause a stir, inadvertently attracting attention to their product. Whatever it takes to sell your brand, huh? Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
ETA: So, I finally watched the entire series (oh and btw, this isn't new. It's almost 4 years old and was based upon a case study) Read/watch about it here. So....are you REALLY marketing that dude ONLY recognized that he was in love with you when you started to apply a lightening creme to your skin???...That's how shallow love is nowadays???? SMH.
What are your thoughts?

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