Friday, January 13, 2012


"Second in existence but FIRST to make a difference"

"In 1908, you started it. True.
Deltas were AKA’s, just like all of you.
But 22 women then made a deal,
To be fine workin’ Sistahs, and of course “To Be Real”
No God Awful ivy, No mirror, No pink, and No green.
The REAL Sorority started in 1913.
So it’s cool AKA's. Do what you do.
We can all skee-wee, but you will never OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OOP!!!!

Shoutouts to all of my DivaSTating Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority. May our founders look down and be exceptionally proud of the impacts that we have made across the board (politics, education, business, science & technology, sociology, youth...the list goes on), and that we have continually strived for in honor of their name and purpose formed 99 years ago for this sorority.

Be blessed, blessed!

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