Monday, January 9, 2012

NYE 2011-12 Hair Summary

Hello Lovelies!!!
    I am back to give an update on how I wore my hair for New Year's Eve. In mylast post, I informed you guys that I would be attempting WwestNDNbeautyy's version of a Braid 'N Curl. Well....the results were....interesting. Here is how I went about doing the style:

My wash day regimen went like this: (Note: I always do these steps in about 12-15 twists)
  • 30-Min Prepoo/Detangle - Olive/Coconut Oil/V05 Moisture Milks Conditioner (50/25/25 mix)
Once I was finished deep conditioning, I allowed my hair to dry until damp. Once I was done, my steps went a lil something like this:
Step #1: Undo a twist
Step #2: Moisturize/lightly detangle with Kinky Curly Knot Today.
Step #3: Apply dime-sized amount of sweet almond oil to section.
Step #4: Apply quarter-sized amount of Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme
Step #5: Smooth product onto section with Denman Brush.
Step #6: Split section into two. Take one section, braid it, while leaving about an inch of hair loose towards the bottom.
Step #7: Take loose section and wrap it around a medium-sized perm rod. Repeat with remaining section.
Step #8: Repeat Steps #1-7 with the remainder of my hair.

I was left with something like this.

Notice how I tended to roll the entire section of hair onto the perm rod (for later reference....LOL!)


This process took about 3-4 hours (Sad, I know - I'm speed styling deficient). I slept on this hair to ensure that the set was dry. Also, in the morning, I sat under the dryer on low heat for about 30 minutes. (I had spent too long on this style for it to be a bust from not being dry!) Afterwards, I undid the twists and was left with the finished style!

Check out my natural brown highlights! \*-*/
 My New Years Eve look:
Peep my Ciroc Party Hat - AYYYYEEEE! lol
I absolutely LOVED it! It turned out fabulous. Of course, it wasn't exactly like WwestNDNbeauty's, but I didn't really expect it to be seeing as how we have two different types of hair. Her hair has a much looser curl pattern, and her strands are not as thick as mine are.

Moving on.....HOWEVER, the results of Day 2 (sorry, no pics!) - after sleeping on the style with a silk bonnet (my hair is really too short of her nighttime maintenance of the style) - were DISASTROUS. I woke up to something that looked like a kinky-haired troll doll that had been abandoned for years. It looked SO bad, that I came home and re-styled my hair into twists, circa:

I've been contemplating what went so horribly wrong with the hold on this style and I came up with several possible reasons:

  • My sections were too big - Next time I will try smaller sections to aid in definition.
  • I didn't use the right products - She actually used a setting lotion product (Lotta Body), whereas I had just used the same ole products that I use for a braid/twist out (leave-in, oil, butter).
  • I should FOLLOW DIRECTIONS (lol) - I rolled my perm rod up the entirety of the sections, whereas she only rolled it up the loose hair. Hmmph, I thought it would turn out cute! 
  • Perhaps this style is only for longer lengths of hair - for maintenance purposes. Shorter hairstyles sometimes can be difficult to style overnight, especially for styles
Ahh well, better luck next time. :-) What are some styles that went WAY wrong for you? (*shameless plug* - I like pictures! lol)


  1. Super cute look. Same thing happened to me when I did a twist out. I feel like when you achieve a look you like you have to work twice as hard to maintain it for at least a couple of days.

  2. See now twistouts are my JAM! At night, I just put them into larger twists and call it a night....the style gets bigger and bigger as the days go by, lasting up to a week!

    However, my lazy butt would rather put in twists...those can last 3 weeks strong if I care for them enough! :)

    What style do you rock the most?

  3. I love the out come. I will try it when I take put my mini braids in a week.

  4. I am definitely in need of trying something like this. I can just never maintain anything! Let alone wait for my hair to dry. haha

  5. @D: Be sure to send me some pics for a feature!!! :)

    @MelavonD: I screamed when I saw your post! LOL. @waiting for hair to dry - yeah, that's a b@#!% :-) I will definitely be keeping up to see if you decide to try it out!

    BTW: I am starting the 30-Day Shred on Monday! - Wish me luck, I will be checking your blog for daily inspiration/motivation! :)

  6. Cute! Thanks for sharing your hair regimen. Take care!


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