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Top Five Natural Hair Favorites - 2011 Edition

Hey Lovelies!
I've come to give you New Year well as share my favorites of the past year. These are not only hair products, but also can include hair tools, styles, and/or regimens. Enjoy!

#5 - Natural Hair YouTube
I. Love. YouTube. It's visual learning at it's best. Some of my favorites include SimplYounique, WwestNDNbeautyy, Naptural85, iknowlee, and FroStoppa (check out my posts featuring some of these ladies here, here, and here). I am a fan of channels that focuses on less talking, more visual styling. Not knocking the ones who have a different youtubing style, but it's just my preference. I also follow other channels including AfricanExport, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, NikkiMae, and others, but their posts featuring styling are my favorites whereas they do have a lot of fashion, makeup, and/or event-related posts as well, (or posts that are hair-related, but not necessarily with a tutorial style or let-me-show-you setup, if you know what I mean). If I watch videos with great tutorials but heavy talking periods, I just fast forward to what I want to see. I will FOREVER be a die-hard YTuber fan.
(Check out my featured YouTube videos here, here, and here.

#4 - Twice Per Week Washings 

I have come to the conclusion that for right now, and probably for a long time, I will be a bi-weekly washer. It's come as a result of three findings about me and my hair. (1) I don't feel like washing my hair every week - I would like to spend my weekend doing other things (2) I don't feel as if I NEED to wash my hair every week - my scalp is not extremely dandruff-prone or itchy. (3) I like protective styles - I retain more growth by letting it rest in-between washes and the styles are easier to maintain through the weeks.

#3 - Bobby Pins

When I BC'd back in July 2010, I couldn't use a bobby pin if I wanted to - my hair was SUPER short. And truthfully, I didn't become heavy on bobby pins until mid-2011. I began doing two-strand twists on my hair, leaving it be for about 2-3 weeks and somewhere along the way, I felt like pinning them up....and it's been love ever since. I use bobby pins in SOME sort of way every. single. time I style my hair. Whether it's loose or in a protective style - ya girl is using some bobby pins. The only oil/water issue with me and bobby pins is......I can't seem to keep up with them. They pop out through the day, I have some in my purse (for emergencies), some are in my bathroom, kitchen (O_o), random places on the floor - I'm sure my hubby is kinda...sick of bobby pins. Still LOVE them, though...they're definitely coming with me into this new year.

#2 - Denman Brush 4 and 41

These two brushes have persuaded me that I will NEVER buy another comb again. I've tried SO many freaking combs....with nothing left over but a bunch of tangles still left and breakage. I never had a problem with detangling until moving out of my TWA state, but was miserable. I had mad tangles, and to make things worse, I let my ends go too long without being trimmed, and then tried to trim them with house scissors!!! Snags and uneven lengths resulted. At first, I hated the Denman, because it wouldn't assist in getting rids of my knotted ends, but later in the year, I realized that it was a result of my jagged clipped ends, and not necessarily because of the brush itself. Ever since I straightened my hair a few months ago, the love between me and my Denman brushes have been blissful. They're NEVER leaving!

#1 - Protective Styles

I have been a protective styler ever since I came out of TWA stage - around February 2011 (7-8 months natural). I was tired/bored of my natural hair at the time, and one day, I just decided to twist it up and leave it alone. Once I washed that style out, I did another protective style...and another.....and another.....and it's been going ever since. Honestly, it just fits into my lifestyle better. I'm a mother, a fiancee (soon-to-be wifey lol), I have a full-time job, I'm trying to start my 
own business.....there's little time for a time-consuming regimen 
with this hair. BUT, when I do style my hair....I show it mad love - prepoo, wash, condition, deep conditioner, and great moisturizing/sealing regimen. And usually, unless I'm trying to stunt with loose styles - which I usually only do on holidays or special occasions, I am in a protective style. My hair has truly benefited as a result.

What were your natural hair favorites in 2011? Let me know! :)

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