Monday, February 27, 2012

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (James 1:17)

What the heck have I been? I bet you guys have been wondering!

I must apologize to my followers (I know you guys must be tired of this infamous blogger line) for this absense. Things have taken a 360 degree turn in my life (for the better).

SO many things have presented themselves to me in so many different ways, I can only attribute it all to God, because at times, it really seems like.....too many blessings at one time. Let me explain:

Back circa September 2011, I began to question a lot of different aspects of my life. Mainly, I was questioning what my purpose in life was. By August 2010, I had graduated with honors with both a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. degree in Systems Engineering. I was 23 years old. Wow! What a blessing, right!? I had a higher education, I had a permanent, SECURE job, and a beautiful son and soon-to-be fiancee'.

Why in the heck was I questioning my purpose?

Something wasn't quite right in my spirit. So much success, but so little....inward gratification. What was missing? Me and my family had just joined a church not too long ago, and upon joining this church, I made a promise to God and to myself to find out my TRUE purpose and the will that God had for my life (the one He had for me before I had even formed in my mother's womb - Jeremiah 1:5).

Almost instantly, the Holy Spirit, which was given to me upon my accepting the Lord Jesus as my sovereign God, began to bring onto my spirit a state of reflection. Was I truly doing what I wanted to do? Was I passionate about the work that I was engaging in throughout my everyday life? Is it work that I would do, free of charge, for the rest of my life? As the answers began to come to me, I began to also question.....Why the heck hadn't I asked myself these questions before? Wouldn't it have made sense for me to ask these questions BEFORE I set out with my initial career path? 

He also began to bring questions to my spirit such as, Why did I make these choices in the first place? What was my motive, if not passion? WOW, yall, the answers were.....clear. I knew the answers to those questions from the minute I asked them to myself. I had chosen this life for the wrong reasons. The kind of reasons God warned us about in His Word (1 Timothy 6:10). Dang. Ya'll just don't know how I felt at the time. If this is not what I'm meant to do, WHY have I wasted SO much time, sweat, tears on this path. I felt as though it was all in vain. But the Holy Spirit always leads us into all truth (John 16:13), and brought about the scripture of 1 Corinthians 15:10. It was not all in vain, but through all of my struggles with such a difficult educational path, it will help me be even more diligent than the rest.

Upon me coming to terms with this new-found revelation about my current state of being, I began to ask God: What is it that I'm truly meant to do in life? And again, His Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance the very thing I had put off until retirement.....Event Planning, specifically weddings. I had always said that when I retire, I would open my own wedding planning firm. God said, "Retirement? Why not now? - Would you do it for free? (Yes) What do you like about it? (Everything, really - high paced, much variety, high in social interactions, a chance to bring happiness into people's lives, organization-driven...Yeah...everything).....Then what is holding you back?" Say whannow!!! Money??? Money?!?! (Well...yeah. I've spent my entire education on engineering, and now....I'm going to go into....event planning? How is that going to work out? No one would hire me!?) Why does someone have to hire you? Why can't you start your own company? (And quit my job?!?! The job that I begged you for? The secure, well-paying job???) Not yet....I will send you some help along the way. (Ok, God....I'm waiting)

WHOA. When He said He would send some help, yall. HE MEANT THAT THING!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously, yall. Ever since that day in September 2011, my life has turned COMPLETELY upside down. He has opened up so many doors and so many opportunities, and even better yet, with HIS people (Praise God!), that it is truly somewhat of a miracle in its own right. I have a mentor (who not only has her own event planning company, but we both also work full-time jobs with the SAME employer - Recall God's words: Not yet....I will send you some help along the way), so she has been able to assist me when I'm trying to figure out how I can be successful with my company AND have a full-time job, AND I ALREADY have a HUGE client with whom I am the primary event planner for HUGE upcoming event in the Richmond, VA area.

Is it unreal or is it UNREAL!? My schedule is packed to the max, as I am also planning/coordinating my OWN wedding, to be held on April 14, 2011 in GEORGIA (approx. 9 hours away).

I am also the chair of a young ladies program (Delta GEMS) in my sorority (Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.), where I am responsible for organizing/coordinating events for the young ladies and our chapter (which is an hour away). Needless to say......things are busy around here.

I will make a few more posts, so as not to turn this post into a fully-fledged book, so stay tuned!!!

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