About Me and My Hair

Hi! I'm Lacoya and am originally from Huntsville, AL. I grew up in Huntsville and went on to attend Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, AL. I majored in Electrical Engineering and graduated in May 2009. I then went on to graduate school at Tuskegee University in Electrical/Systems Engineering. I decided to transition from Relaxed to Natural hair in February 2010.

Why did I decide to go natural, you may ask? Well, I honestly was one of the most ignorant black women in regards to natural hair that you could ever think of. I did not know that you could just "go natural". I did not really understand what "natural hair" was or how you could even go about attaining it. I had seen alot of natural women, but had never linked it to myself. It was kinda something I didn't think about at all. Anywhoo, during graduate school, one of the girls I begun to hang out with was natural. Therefore, I was exposed to it more and more as we continued to become more and more close. I began to ask her questions about her natural hair like "how do you style it?/how did you become natural?/how long have you been natural?/what kind of products do you use". This was just out of curiousity, however, I didn't think about going natural myself, until about 6 months after starting to hang out with her.

In February 2010, I decided to transition. What made this the time for me? I watched "Good Hair". I know it's a bit cliche in the natural hair community, however, I think it's because they didn't find anything in "Good Hair" that they didn't already know. They felt as if it didn't do a damn thing in regards to educating about natural hair. However, I feel as though it was VERY informative (even if in small amounts) about tidbits into natural hair, and the damaging effects relaxers, and the black woman's dependency on "other" hair rather than working with the beauty in what we naturally have. I will agree that it was more beneficial to those who are a bit ignorant to natural hair and the truth about relaxers instead of those who are already educated about those sort of things. Anywhoo, I truly had an epiphany when I watched the movie. There were a variety of things running through my hair such as "Is THAT what I've been putting in my hair?/Why WOULD I put something in my hair that if left on too long would BURN MY SCALP???/Why would I pay hundreds of dollars for hair when I could have healthy, long hair myself - for free?/Why would I cover up what's naturally on my head just because I don't think others would approve?/Couldn't I prove them wrong??/WTH is wrong with me?" lol Just a view of my thoughts.

Once I decided to transition to natural hair, I began to start my natural hair research. In doing so, I ran across my very first (and still only) natural hair forum: Nappturality . Once I began to transition, I rarely posted on the site, but I did suck up all of the information that I gained about natural hair from this website. I learned how to deal during my transition with the support of these ladies and still continue to learn from them to this day. I decided to BC on July 20, 2010 while I was graduate school. I was SO nervous, because I didn't know how my boyfriend would take it. I had a few inches of new growth upon walking into the salon, BUT, my first mistake in natural hair'dom was not specifically telling the cutter how I wanted him to cut my hair. He ended up "shaping" my hair and making it even on all sides, which ended in having alot of my new growth cut off.

The results?
Before Big Chop

Day after Big Chop

And now here I am 5 months later!!!!! :)

The pic above was a twistout. I was happy with it as you can see.

I currently live in Northern VA and am loving it! I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts on the posts! Happy Learning!
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